Episode 280

GCP: Summer Traveling - Scott's Trip


June 14th, 2023

1 hr 13 mins 15 secs

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This time, they talk about Scott’s recent trip to Nevada, farmers markets in the area, places Justin grew up, and Is It Tacoma!

01:55 – Justin shares how listeners can join them while recording live, Scott talks about calling into the last show from The Beatle’s LOVE show in Vegas, and his review of flying into the Vegas airport. He talks about driving around Area 51, passing the Alien Cat House, and hitting up The Clown Motel in Tonopah. Justin discusses with Scott the probability he would stay in a room at the hotel, Scott suggests Justin goes to the Gathering of the Juggalos, and explains the difference between a Hotel and a Motel.

18:16 – Scott talks about the wild burros in southern Nevada, them being protected in the Red Rock Canyon, and the delicious Fritos he had for the drive. Justin debates if he could take on a burro, gives a shout-out to Tacoma Tool Library, and one to the band The GREEZiES. He talks about the new menu at The Church Cantina and his and his wife’s trip to Pickles Deli.

36:48 – Justin talks about enjoying tasty popcorn at the East Side Farmers Market, hustling at the farmers market back in the day, and Derrick talks about living the 90’s dream. He shares where he’s found Absinthe, Justin talks about the different places he lived as a kid, and precisely how many locations he lived at before he was 18.

54:22 – They discuss if they would let people that lived in their house before tour it, and kicks off the game Is It Tacoma. He reads through each news article, the guys analyze and give their best guess on what one happened in the area, and Justin reveals the correct answer. They close out the episode by making plans to record at the studio.

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