Episode 281

GCP: Summer Traveling - Jeff's Cruise


June 21st, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

This episode is a full house, including friend of the podcast Anthony, where they talk about Jeff’s recent adventure cruise.

01:31 – Justin captures the beautiful moment of Scott and Jeff holding hands, talks about pre-funking at the Valley, and what food they enjoyed there. Scott explains what the Long Island on the Beach drink is, Jeff talks about how his trip started out, and the plane route. He talks about it never getting dark over the eight-hour flight, the emergency with the shuttle busses, and enjoying the Gordon Ramsey Restaurant while waiting at the airport.

16:43 – Jeff talks about the important Italian words to know when traveling in the country, touring the beautiful church in Venice while they were holding service, and the proper English breakfast he tried at the hotel there. Justin talks about where in Tacoma you can get beans and toast, Jeff talks about having to do a hand signal to catch the bus, and taking the water taxi.

28:39 – Erik explains how ice in water is an American thing, Jeff talks about how aggressive drivers are in Venice, and having Harry Potter for their waiter during the cruise. He expresses his love of limoncello post-dinner, talks about having a taste of royal dining, and the different types of events on the cruise. He talks about flying home and Justin talks about the makeup of tartar sauce.

46:45 – Justin talks about the weirdest food combo he’s seen on the Irish menu, doing a candy exchange with his European friend, and Jeff talks about the major delay in the flight home. He talks about how Athens is made of marble, the number of days he went without marijuana, and his tolerance when he got back. He shares advice for people who are making plans to tour and Justin talks about what will come in the upcoming episodes.

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