Episode 28

Apache 6 - Cannabis Security


August 13th, 2018

52 mins 55 secs

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This time the guys sit down with Nacho, owner of Apache Six. Apache Six is a veteran based company that trains, recruits, and staffs security guards, private investigators, and executing protection agents from some of the most demanding industries. Apache Six is located in Tacoma and started in 2012. In addition to Apache Six, Nacho also runs This Heals Cancer, a company who’s mission is “to empower you to become the best version of yourself and to remind you that you are not alone in this fight.”

The show kicks off with conversation on the new recording spot for the show at the Union Club Tacoma and Nacho tells the guys about Apache Six and what the company does. He explains opening the business in 2012, becoming fully operational in the summer of 2014, and the grey area around customers being able to use their debit card at local marijuana stores. Scott talk of companies using crypto currencies in place of cash and Nacho talks of how crypto currencies is also being used to fight opiate addictions.

14:15 – Nacho talks about finding the right people for his team, what makes his ideal candidate, and the different types of customers Apache Six has. He then talks about his journey to Apache Six, his desire as a child to be a fighter pilot, his fascination with angels after he got out of the military, and how blessed he feels to still be alive. He then talks about creating Apache Six, how he came up with the name of business, and the spiritual meaning of the number 6.

30:00 – The guys discuss raising kids, the constant worry that comes with parenting, that the importance for people to be able to look at themselves and see how they can improve. Nacho talks about training his children for home a crisis, how every household should have a fire extinguisher, and how people can find out more information and get a hold of the Apache Six team. Talk then turns to Natcho’s other project, This Heals Cancer.

45:08 – Nacho talks about empowering his customers, the power of belief, and how he applies that to his security business. He discusses prepping his children for a potential school shooting, giving them tools for finding hope if it happens, and circles back to This Heals Cancer. The show ends with Nacho encouraging people to always come from a loving vibration and ways to live a better, positive life.

Thanks Nacho for sitting down with the guys for an update on Apache Six and what you have going on!!

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