Episode 292

GCP: Airing Of Grievances


September 6th, 2023

1 hr 21 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

On this episode, the guys express their grievances that have happened over the past couple weeks but bringing the tone up at the end closing it out on a positive note!

00:00 – The show opener highlights the use of profanity in public, Justin discusses what brought him to cover this episode’s topic, and Derek reveals the first grievance of the show. He talks about the cost of getting his car towed, Scott talks about the beauty of driving a beater car, and Justin talks about the odd way he gets his leg workouts in.

20:12 – Derek shares the good ending of the episode's first grievance story, Justin gives a shout-out to Lincoln Pharmacy, and how hard it’s been to put an Is It Tacoma together. Justin kicks off the next grievance story, gives a visual description of the table setup, the first flaw of the night, and Jeff jumps into his description of the experience.

40:39 – Jeff expresses his frustration with the resturant, keeping calm during the event, and Justin talks about what happened after Jeff and Robin left. He gave props to the martini he enjoyed in addition to the food, the final straw that put a bow on the experience, and how traumatizing the experience was.

60:21 – Justin dives into the final grievance post-dinner debacle, the GCP Facebook initial response, and Derek talks about digging further and realizing what podcast episode the person who commented was from. Derek closes out the episode on a positive note sharing his love of the new Howdy Bagel on South Tacoma Way.

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