Episode 291

GCP: Brad with Tacoma WTF Trees


August 30th, 2023

1 hr 13 mins 44 secs

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Brad, a local Tacoma resident who runs Tacoma_WTF_Trees on Instagram, joins the guys on this episode. Tacoma_WTF_Trees is the place to view some of the worst tree-pruning jobs in the Tacoma area. People are encouraged to submit their own sightings, see the links below to check them out!

00:04 - They start this episode sharing their love of the bacon cheeseburger pizza that was enjoyed while recording, Justin introduces Brad, and Brad talks about what got him started posting on Instagram. He talks about the various comments he gets on his posts, the decision to get two of his trees removed, and the cost of doing it.

17:38 – Brad talks about getting into the Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Memes group on Facebook, growing up on the Northend of Tacoma, and the odd feelings he experienced while at Stadium High School. He talks about his parent's haunted house, Justin talks about the haunting of The Union Club, and the history of his house.

34:52 – Justin talks about the changes in the International District, Brad talks about how much Proctor District has changed over the years, and the best places to drink back in the day. Justin reflects on his Magic days, they talk about movies they’ve watched at Blue Mouse Theatre, and Scott talks about watching Pennywise at Real Art Tacoma.

53:00 – Scott shares that some of the trees at Wright Park have plaques on them with their history, Brad and Scott talk about how cool the Manuscript Museum is, and Brad explains where his favorite part of Tacoma is at. Brad talks about working in the tugboat industry, the difference between fishing and tug boating, and the crazy number of ships on anchor during Covid.

Thanks, Brad, for a great conversation!

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