Episode 295

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Onalaska, Sports, and Missed Connections


September 27th, 2023

1 hr 2 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

This time, the crew chats about Justin's Dungeons and Dragons adventures, Jeff’s anniversary, Roller Derby season, other sports around Tacoma, GCP live events, and Tacoma Missed Connections.

01:57 – Justin gives an update on what Brogan has been up to, talks about his DND weekend, and the grit vibe in the town of Ethel. He talks about what he enjoyed at the All In bar, they jump into Jeff’s Capades, and Jeff shares the three things he has troubles with. He talks about the layout of The Cliff House, what they enjoyed there, and the location's beautiful view of the water.

17:41 – Jeff talks about the animal sightings at the spot, how long the restaurant has been there, and the amazing drinks on the menu. Derek talks about what he’s been up to, the gaming campaigns he and his wife put on together, and the new Mario game coming out for the Switch. Erik talks about what’s going down in the local sports scene and Scott explains how scoring works in Roller Derby.

30:19 – Scott reflects on the episodes they did live at past Roller Derby bouts, Erik talks about the Point Defiance Ultra event, and where people can find more information about it. He talks about the 50K being on his bucket list, Justin shares where people can get more of the down low on the area sports events, and the next upcoming live event they’ll be at.

44:11 – Justin sets a goal to wear his wedding tuxedo to Grit City Comic Show, shares where the post-even party will be, and the different events they held at the old Acme Bar. Justin reads through Miss Connections Tacoma posts, they guess the names from the store of the two who crossed paths at one’s place of employment, and share where people can read through more Missed Connections.

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