Episode 312

GCP: Galactic Druid Treats


December 27th, 2023

43 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Roy from Galactic Druid Treats joins the guys for this episode. Galactic Druid Treats takes some of the most popular candies & desserts around and freeze-dries them, turning them into incredibly light, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth treats. Check out their website for the candies and treats they currently have for sale or reach out to them to find out what farmers market or event they’ll be at next.

00:06 – The crew celebrates starting the conversation right on time, Roy talks about meeting up with the crew at the Grit City Comicon, and Justin expresses his appreciation of freeze-dried candy. Roy shares what drew him to start making the candy, how the magic happens, and plans to attend the comic show again next year.

10:38 – Justin talks about the distinct tactile sensation he gets when eating the candy, Roy talks about the laboratory, and Jeff talks about how he and his wife bonded over trying the candy. Roy talks about the candies he tried when getting started, the things that don’t work with freeze-drying food, and the GCP guys talk about first trying the candies at the convention.

21:26 – Justin expresses his love of the ability to turn regular candy into poofy balls of goodness, Roy explains how the process works, and talks about freeze-drying meat. He talks about the other types of food he works with, future plans for the business, and the worst things he’s tried freeze-drying. He talks about what happened with freeze-drying Peeps and his smores experiments.

32:17 – Roy recommends the guys try freeze-drying themselves, explains the process for doing a grilled cheese sandwich, and how long the process generally takes. He talks about the different markets he’s planning to expand to, where people can find him online, and recommends people try freeze-drying eggs. He compares dehydration and freeze-drying and Scott shares his love of experimenting.

Thanks, Roy, for the great conversation and awesome GCP packs you put together for our Patrons!!

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