Episode 313

GCP: New Years Eve 2023


January 3rd, 2024

56 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

This off-the-cuff episode celebrates the beginning of the New Year, reflecting on 2023, and plans for 2024. You'll also catch hints of karaoke performances.

00:00 – Justin rocks out the beginning of the episode, Scott shares what he appreciated about 2023 related to the podcast, and what big podcast goal he has for 2024. Derek gives his review of 2023, his resolution for 2024, and they discuss doing a charity event in the upcoming year. Jeff talks about his 2023, Rusty shares how his 2023 went, and how married life is going for him.

14:00 – Rusty claims 2023 as a hangover year, Justin talks about how is 2023 year went, and describes the process of plunging into the Sound. He talks about working through a new job, reflects on the Putt Stuff event they put on earlier in the year, and the chaos that at times goes on while recording at The Union Club. Derek talks about doing media at other conventions and Justin his 2024 resolutions.

28:06 – Justin talks about his solo podcast idea, GCP ideas for the next year, and Brandon from Tacompton Files talks about his recent second round trip to Disney World in Florida, and getting Covid the first time they went down there. They talk about renting a Margarita Ville house while there, teaming up for Putt Stuff, and plans for Putt Stuff 2024.

42:11 – Brandon talks about plans to shadow the GCP crew behind the scenes, plans for the Tacompton Files podcast, and what drove him to start the Facebook Community. He talks about posting content on Facebook and TikTok, Derek tracks down Brogan, and Brogan talks about his 2023. He talks about what led him to start his own business and being his own manager for the past seven years.

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