Episode 314

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Otters, Sports, and Missed Connections


January 10th, 2024

1 hr 7 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, the guys talk about the Tacoma business closures and new ones opening, the rocking New Year's Eve party, Erik chats about sports, and they close out discussing Missed Connections.

00:14 – Justin enters the fun house version of this Willy Wonka episode, talks about going through technical difficulties, and Derek talks about getting back into podcast editing. Justin talks about the GCP fan art from Suzanne Akerman, Jeff shares his feelings about otters, and Justin talks about the recent closure of the local Tacoma brewery Odd Otter.

16:27 – Justin talks about the recent opening of Berliner Beerhall, how long they’ve been working on opening, and Scott talks about his great experience there recently. Justin talks about scooter rentals no longer being available in Tacoma, the passing of Jewless Jerry, and Jeff talks about the New Year's Eve Karaoke Mosh Pit.

34:54 – Erik talks about a local Tacoma boxer representing the USA in the Olympics happening in Paris, meeting him at the Unleashed Stadium Bowl, and they make plans to have the MMA guys back on future podcasts. Jeff talks about holding Missy Franklin’s gold medal, what it was like to hold it, and Justin dives into Tacoma’s Missed Connections.

50:10 – The guys discuss the type of person that was behind the Regal Movie Theater missed connections, the types of people that post on Craigslist, and other misconnection socials out there today. Jeff ponders on whether these types of people also like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, hopes that these posts are consensual, and Scott guesses how many women he thinks post on Craigslist.

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