Episode 316

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - VR Fitness, Palm Springs, and Prison Pen Pals


January 17th, 2024

1 hr 18 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Brogan joins this Saturday Night Grit conversation, they discuss Love After Lockup, virtual fitness, the crew's plan to visit Palm Springs, GCP over the years and the recent sad loss of the community.

00:08 – The show kicks off discussing Love after Lockup, reflecting on their Missed Connections conversation on the last episode, and Brogan talks about how he stumbled onto the Caged Inmates website. Justin tells the story about his prison pen-pal, what led to the man going to prison, and Jeff talks about hanging with GPC peeps in virtual reality.

20:15 – Jeff talks about playing rounds of VR putt stuff, the different games and fitness tracks he’s tried, and Derek shares his joy of virtual mini golf. Scott talks about ways to prevent motion sickness while gaming, questions why developers make certain decisions when developing games, and Justin talks about his visit to Palm Springs.

39:28 – Justin talks about the ease of flights to Palm Springs, reflects on his Greyhound bus ride from Phoenix to Tacoma, and Scott agrees to visit Palm Springs if they throw in eating south-of-the-border corn while there. Justin talks about the hockey game they caught while there, a close call with a hockey puck (thanks, his amazing wife!), and plans for producing the newest Five Nights at Freddy’s.

57:12 – Scott talks about Jeff’s post of the GCP 3-Year Anniversary video he put together a couple of years ago, they reflect on the past GCP years, and Justin shares the big announcement of the opening of The Overkill Lounge. He talks about the collab of Side Piece Kitchen and Buddies Chicken and Waffles (gravy and chicken bowls, anyone?), the sad news of the Howdy Bagel loss, and the great community that has come out in full force to support the business and Howdy Bagels family.

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