Episode 317

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Hamburger Wars and Conventions


January 24th, 2024

1 hr 13 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys share the sad news of Skateworld Tacoma's closure, Crypticon, burger battles, concerts, and much more!

00:00 – Justin kicks off this episode discussing the closure of Skateworld Tacoma, how people can get involved with the podcast on Discord, and special episodes Patriots can catch. Justin talks about their plans to hang out at Crypticon, hopes to connect officially with GCP bestie Ken Carlson, and they talk about why they love the smaller conventions like Crypticon.

18:15 – Justin expands on the news of Skateworld Tacoma’s forced closure, they make plans for the movie Skate Wolf to save Skateworld, and the ghost whores above Alfred’s. They talk about Burger Ranch being a franchise, discuss the Reddit debate over Jubilee Burger and Burger Ranch, and Jeff talks about places that can for sure mess up burgers.

36:18 – Scott talks about the bar in Puyallup that used the bar as a front for selling drugs, Justin reads the reviews of both burger places, and what one ended up at the top. The crew shares their favorite burger places, Jeff talks about doing a video shoot with Sir Mix-a-Lot, and reflects on the first time he heard the artist.

53:59 – Scott recalls being on stage in a cage with Korn, Derek talks about bands he met while on various street teams, and Justin shares upcoming plans to watch the rock band Orgy. Derek poses the GCP question, Jeff takes a trip back in time sharing Radiskull & Devil Doll, and the author getting picked up by Shockwave Studios.

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