Episode 320

GCP: Friday Night Hangout - Tools and Adult Coloring Books


February 7th, 2024

1 hr 7 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

This time Brogan joins the conversation, they chat about Tacoma Tool Library, business openings and closures post-COVID, Jeff’s Capades, Scott Topics, the happs at Cosmic Bottles, and a ton more!

00:10 – Jeff starts the episode discussing toasting his apple fritter, Derek gives a shout-out to Patreons Kaysha and Al who are hanging out with them live, and Justin talks about the amazing Tacoma Tool Library. Derek talks about the ease of doing online tool reservations, Justin talks about the library's Fix It Night, and encourages people to volunteer there.

16:14 - Scott admits to steering clear of bloody horror flicks, Justin dives into stuff to eat around Tacoma, and the closure of Pacific Grill. He talks about the thriving success of Cosmic Bottles, other successful companies around town that started during Covid, and Derek talks about the amazing community support in the Tacoma area.

28:33 – Jeff dives into Jeff’s Capades, drama up in his neighborhood, and they segue into Scott Topics. Jeff ponders on male IQs dropping when they hang out in groups, they each guess what caused the mysterious death of 3 men found in Kansas City, and Jeff talks about the drugs the guys were using during the time of death.

49:42 – Brogan talks about serving up sliders at Cosmic Bottles, hiring new talent, and eyeing a showdown with Peaks and Pints. He talks about his bar being open to minors until 7 PM, Scott shares plans for the making of a GCP adult coloring book, and they talk about the troubles behind Magic the Gathering.

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