Episode 319

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Local Happenings, Food, and Drama


January 31st, 2024

1 hr 3 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

This time the crew talks Tacoma businesses, social media drama, Putt Stuff, Tacompton Files Podcast, animal antics, and much, much, more!

00:07 – Justin opens up this episode with a tip on how to paint your walls, Derek talks about what caused his hangover, and Scott shares his discovery of the newfound pickle shot. Justin talks about the mistakes night in Spokane, Odd Otter's latest, and community biz shifts. Scott talks about the great Odd Otter vibe, Justin expresses his love of the area it’s in, and comments on the haps of Side Piece Kitchen and Buddy’s Chicken and Waffles.

16:12 – Justin talks about Side Piece Kitchen and Buddy’s Chicken and Waffles recent collaboration, shares the deets on Best of Washington pressuring Side Piece Kitchen for advertising sales, and the guys give their review of the experience. Scott goes deep into cyberpunk dystopia, Side Piece Kitchen’s social media hustle, and the hype for this summer's Putt Stuff return.

29:25 – Justin talks about the most recent Tacompton Files Podcast episode that covered the recent armed robbery in Gig Harbor that led to a police chase to Titlow, Jeff talks about the new options of Fruit Roll-Ups, and Justin discusses Tacoma animal antics that happened at their old house. He talks about the return of the raccoon posy and Scott and Jeff talk about the value opossums bring to the world.

46:58 – Jeff warns Justin of animal gang wars potentially breaking out in his backyard, Scott's got the scoop on opossums, and why capybaras and alligators hang out. Jeff talks about his new Rubik’s Cube finding, how it works, and the key he found to get the colors right. Justin talks about debating getting back in on the Blood Bowl Game and they share their love of Galactic Druid Treats and they share their love of Galactic Druid Treats.

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