Episode 322

GCP: Saturday Night Grit


February 14th, 2024

1 hr 2 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

This week the crew gets together to discuss getting fit, urban exploring, Narrows Bridge adventures, Tacoma news, and Scott Topics!

00:28 – Justin's kicking things off by welcoming Cnote to the live listening party, Scott talks about what he did earlier in the day, and they discuss the amazing re-opening of Howdy Bagels. Justin's dropping knowledge bombs about GCP's new health Grit Fit Discord Channel, free CPR training around Tacoma, and Jeff shares how he integrated his VR with his exercise bike.

14:41 – Scott talks about people walking around with their Apple Vision Pros on, they discuss the benefits and downfalls of them, and Justin talks about he and his wife taking a leisurely stroll across the Narrows Bridge. He talks about where to park, the length of the bridge, and how long it took them to make the walk. He expresses what it felt like to look over the side, how beautiful it was, and Jeff talks about bridge adventures as a kid.

30:18 – Scott talks about the underwater tunnels in Virginia, Jeff talks about the recent earthquake in California, and Justin congratulates Slightly Furry Beverage Company on their grand opening happening in the upcoming weeks. He talks about the Tacoma tension around an old church being converted into affordable housing and the arguments those opposed have been brought forward.

45:56 – Jeff gives his opinion on the arguments around parking challenges increasing due to the affordable housing project, Justin questions if Heineken is the area drug dealers' drink of choice, and brings forth Scott Topics. Scott's got the scoop on lunar theories, Justin looks into the lunar wave, and the people they plan to have on very soon.

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