Episode 327

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Strange State Facts, Pecans, and Chicken & Waffles


March 13th, 2024

1 hr 3 mins

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About this Episode

This week the hot topics of discussion include including Buddy’s Chicken and Waffles, state statistics, Picon Punch, the sad closure of the Manuscript Library Museum, and the new look coming to the Proctor District.

00:15 – Justin kicks off this episode chatting about the recent crow saga, getting the Rock Band game up and rolling again, and the pain of having to re-download his songs. Derek breaks into nerd talk, talks about their recent Q and A episode, Justin shares his love of their Discord Shout-Out Chanel, and Derek talks about the brick-and-mortar opening of Buddy’s Chicken and Waffles.

14:47 – Scott throws out a new Discord rule, Justin manifests getting Buddy’s Chicken and Waffles as guests on the show, and jumps into Scott Topics. Justin reveals odd city names across the United States, they discuss weirdly named cities in Washington, and Justin shares what languages aside from English and Spanish are the most commonly spoken in Washington.

29:01 – Justin reveals what dog is the most popular in all but a handful of states, they talk about places across the country that would be safe to visit, and the origins of different state names. They talk about the state names that were potentially made up, what ones whose name origins are unknown, and share how each of them pronounces pecan.

42:32 – Justin talks about the closure of the Tacoma Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Scott talks about the amazing historical things they shared there, and the conservatory at the Tacoma Park. Scott shares the sad news of Burbs Burgers closures, Justin shares Tacoma news of the upcoming upgrade of the Proctor District, and Jeff closes out this episode encouraging people to be nice to each other.

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