Episode 328

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Jury Duty and Jeffrey Crocker


March 20th, 2024

1 hr 1 min 32 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys chat about jury duty, Jeff’s Capades, cooking stories, Buddy’s Chicken and Waffles, and Girl Trouble's 40th Anniversary.

00:00 – The show kicks off with a Woot Woot, Jeff shares that Cosmic Bottles is now selling Faygo, the Jugglaos drink of preference, and Justin thanks all of GCP’s new listeners. He talks about the bonuses GCP offers to their Patrons, how people are sharing their love of GCP art, and being summoned for Jury Duty. The rest of the team shares their jury duty summons and the mixed results they’ve had with employers supporting the summons.

15:16 – Scott shares the craziest reason he witnessed someone giving to get out of jury duty, a live listener chimes in with how many times they’ve been summoned, and Jeff expresses the horror stories his wife experienced while working in the court sector.
They wish Robin a Happy Birthday, Jeffrey Crocker talks about baking Robin an amazing cake, and where the event turned a little sideways.

30:40 – Scott talks about his cooking adventures, Justin talks about skipping steps when deep frying, and his recent visit to Buddy’s Chicken and Waffles. He gives props to their sauces, recommends putting in an extra order of fries, and Jeff reflects on the side hustles he took on in his early adult life. They express the amazing bonus of being an adult and eating dessert for breakfast and/or dinner, or hell, whenever #adultingrocks.

43:29 – Justin talks about the recent Tacoma History show he attended at the Spanish Ballroom at McMenamins, the beautiful history captured in the show, and they talk about concerts they’re planning to attend. Scott talks about breaking his glasses at one of his most recent concert attendances, Justin gives a shout-out to the Weekly Volcano, and they express their love of the El Corazon.

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