Episode 329

GCP: St. Paddy's Sermon


March 27th, 2024

1 hr 13 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

This time the crew discusses top travel plans, Point Defiance AAZK Pet Pageant - Silly Edition, past episodes that have stood out over the years, and being a part of the gym rat family.

00:00 – This episode kicks off discussing if they would take DNA tests, Jeff opens a beer to cheer St. Patrick’s Day, and Justin talks about his past vendetta against Oregon. Jeff expresses his want to visit Ireland, his tropical preference over cold areas, and Justin talks about his family lineage in Ireland. He talks about the cheese exchange with his Irish friend and Scott ponders on American Chinese dishes not having cheese in them.

17:45 – Justin talks about the different pets you can vote for with the Point Defiance AAZK Pet Pageant - Silly Edition, the other people in their crew that have also added their pets to the pageant, and the top pet that’s currently in the lead. Jeff shares that Lemmy is also an amazing pet up for votes, Justin talks about the new owners of Off Day, and seeing Craig Ferguson at the Tacoma Comedy Club.

36:31 – Jeff reflects on taking a box full of pennies to concerts, past concert incidents, and Justin expresses his frustrations with getting yelled at during a Snoop Dog concert. Scott talks about rappers tossing out joints at concerts, Justin talks about Girl Trouble tossing out toys during theirs, and Scott expresses his love of artist and GCP friend Ken Carlson.

53:04 – They reflect on their tour back in the day of the Pythian Temple, the great night GCP attended the screening of Penny Palabras, and GCP's future plans. Justin talks about attending a red-carpet event at Organically Grown Muscle. He talks about him and Michelle going as Barbie and Ken, Jeff congrats Justin for officially being a part of the gym rat family, and Justin promotes Michelle to official defender of the house.

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