Episode 33

Tacoma Film Festival


September 17th, 2018

44 mins 29 secs

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On this episode, the guys sit down with Wade Neal and David Dinnell from the Tacoma Grand Cinema. Wade and David stoped by to talk about the Tacoma Film Festival that’s going on Thursday October 4th – 11th, starting at the Grand Cinema. The film festival was established in 2006 and presents a lively week of films, workshops, events, and discussions. Tacoma Film Festival programming is a unique blend of audience and industry programming that empowers all who attend to connect with creators.

2:11 – The show kicks off with talk of Weird Elephant and the upcoming Tacoma Film Festival. David talks about how many films they’ll be showing, how the event will kick off, and how many years the Grand Cinema has been doing this event. Wade discusses brining David on board this year, David discusses taking on the new position, and where people can find more information about the festival online. David talks about the kick-off independent film made by two Seattle based directors and the actors in the film.

14:44 – Talk goes to gold that came through Tacoma from Alaska during the gold rush and Steven Dunkelberger’s Tacoma Drunk Tours. Wade talks about the documentary film about John McEnroe that will be playing at the festival and the guys talk about tennis drinking games. David talks about the film he’s most excited about and Justin discusses the importance of having film festivals where people can show movies made outside of ‘big studio’ movies. Talk then goes to the parties that will be going on during the festival and the band, The Sonics, from Tacoma.

29:23 – The guys talk about the type of people that typically attend the festival, the revamp of downtown Tacoma, and the different workshops at the festival that are open and free to the public. The guys give props to the bar Eleven Eleven and the great food they offer there. Conversation then goes to virtual reality being offered for the third year at the festival and what spot in Tacoma that part of the festival will be held.

40:13 – The show comes to and end with Justin talking about getting motion sickness and him and Brogan getting married. David and Wade finish up with talking about showing the 16mm film in the castle room at the Tacoma Pythian Temple on Wednesday, October 10th, at 7pm.
Thanks David and Wade for stopping by and filling the guys in on what to expect at the upcoming Tacoma Film Festival!

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