Episode 4

The Sometimes Geek - Derek Graziano


February 26th, 2018

53 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

Derek Graziano hosts The Sometimes Geek Podcast, a show that covers all of the major news from the gaming industry in a short and easy to listen format. He’s also added a new series called Sometimes Geek Levels Up that goes a little deeper in specific gaming. You can find the podcast on any of your favorite podcast streaming apps including iTunes and Stitcher!

The show kicks off with the guys talking about a new rum bar on Opera Alley in Tacoma, the Devils Reef that opened in January. Brogan explains the bar carries over 100 types of rum from all over the world and carries a Disney type restaurant feel tucked in the middle of Tacoma. Derek then dives into the topics that he covers on his podcast, Sometimes Geek, including his most recent series, Sometimes Geek Levels Up, a more deep dive conversational podcast that is put out every two weeks.

Around the 12 minute mark Derek talks about trying to do streaming of YouTube videos before starting the podcast Conversation then goes to the games Derek has been playing lately, the latest being Celeste. Justin talks about getting the Nintendo Classic and not being able to get past level one on Super Ghost and Goblins and the beauty of being able to hit the reset button so you can save the game.
At the midpoint of the show, Derek chats about how he got started in podcasting and games the guys have been playing including Fortnite. They discuss the background of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite’s free version of the game. Talk then goes to bad video game movies and if there has ever been a good one made.

Near the 35 minute mark, they talk about new games that are coming out that they’re looking forward to playing and companies like Rockstar and Blizzard Entertainment that typically delay the release of their games. Brogan talks about the green light games in Steam, which has great priced indie games. They also discuss their favorite green light games and Derek’s thoughts on old school gaming.

As the show winds down, the guys talk about classic games like Sonic and Super Mario 3 and the first games they ever played, the most popular one being Contra. Brogan then suggests the team adopt a baby from North Korea and form a new group called “Three Men and a Nerd Baby”. They also discuss it being legal in the early 1900’s to mail babies, for a small fee of $.45, people could ship their babies as long as they were under 50 pounds.

Thanks Derek for joining the guys for a great conversation and the look at your podcast Sometimes Geek!!!

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