Episode 3

Mary Mart's Billy and Misha


February 19th, 2018

52 mins 39 secs

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This week the guys talk to Billy and Misha from Mary Mart. Mary Mart is the largest square footage dispensary in the state of Washington that offers a friendly and fun atmosphere with premium cannabis and prices to fit anyone’s budget. They are located on 6th Ave in Tacoma, across the street from Red Hot. Billy is that manager that takes care of the day to day operations and Misha is the marketing manager. A note from one of their customers is a great example of the type of customer service they offer:

Just had a great experience here. I'm a new mom, dealing with some postpartum issues as well as chronic joint pain. I wanted something to help me that won't leave me unable to care for my son. Devon was of wonderful help! He answered my questions, offered suggestions and was kind and knowledgeable. I left feeling like I have some good medicine and was not judged. I really like the overall atmosphere of Mary Mart too. – Magnolia Jane

The show kicks off with conversation of what Mary Mart is, where it’s located, and Billy and Misha’s want to deflate the stigma around the use of cannabis. They also discuss the strict state laws on how recreational stores can market to customers.

15:45 – Misha discusses the first time being introduced to cannabis. Billy also shares his first time trying it when he was 16 and that Weed, California was named after his great, great, great uncle that helped build the railroads throughout the city. He dives into using marijuana medically and the different types of it on the market including marijuana bath salts, which like cannabis topicals, are non-psychoactive cannabis-infused that help relieve things like cellulitis.

At the halfway point they discuss isolation tanks and the usage of psychedelics while floating. Talk then turns to Brogans love of baths and the presents his customers bring into his shop. Justin tells the guys of his first experience with marijuana and they talk about the different types of food that can be deep friend, including cold pizza and Stouffer’s lasagna.

32:31 – Billy talks about his love of stoner culture and the fun parts of it that he embraces, including the creative ways of taking cooking to the next level and the other benefits of using marijuana. They discuss Mike Tyson’s plans to use ½ of his property in CA to grow cannabis and the other ½ as a new resort. Misha also discusses working with Foot Traffik, the largest marketing agency in the cannabis industry, to help them create a plan for the marketing direction they want to go into.

As the show comes to an end, Billy chats about Mary Mart’s location, their hours, and the ability for customers to order online. Brogan discusses his great experience at the shop and they cover upcoming Mary Mart events including Open Mic night. Misha finishes up talking about their focuses for 2018, including having discussions with people like doctors talking about the benefits of using marijuana.

Thank you Billy and Misha for joining the guys for a great a conversation!!! We’re looking forward to talking with you again soon!!!

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