Episode 49

NYE 2018


January 7th, 2019

1 hr 9 mins 5 secs

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Happy New Year!!!! For their first episode of 2019, the guys get together to reflect on 2018 and what they have coming up this year!

1:46 – The guys reflect on 2018, their new Patreon account, the tiers they offer, and what they provide for each tier. Justin covers the questions they’ll be asking the past guests that have joined them, Brogan covers his year, his run in with the Russian mob guy while on a cruise, and what each of the guys are looking forward to in 2019.

16:33 – Brogan talks of his 2019 goal to lose 35 pounds, they talk of the risks of having door frame pull up bars in the house, and Scott talks about who they having coming up as guests for 2019. Brogan and Scott talk about early guests they’ve had on, they give props to Jason “bacon savor” for saving Brogans life, and Jason tells the guys about his business Castle Security Protection. Derek from Rolling Misadventures chats about his sticker ‘Mouth Crimes’ and they talk about Rusty’s past visits on the podcast.

30:30 – Rusty talks about the reviews his restaurant The Church Cantina got in The News Tribune, Derek talks about what’s he’s proud of from 2018, and Scott throws out a few podcast editing questions to Derek. Justin gives tips to people that are planning on making a podcast, Rusty talks about his past podcast, Rated 80’s, and Scott reflects on GCP’s earliest episodes.

46:14 – Justin explains what the game “shot fighter” is, Rusty reflections on playing Super Nintendo in his teens, and what he’s looking forward to in 2019. Derek talks about what he’s excited for in the upcoming year, what drew him into making a podcast, and Scott talks about Brogans first open mic comedy standup at Malarkeys. James talks about what he’s excited about in 2019, they talk about the new Aquaman movie, they give their shout outs at midnight, and Brogan and Scott’s past fight over who was the owner of the podcast. This first podcast of 2019 comes to a close with the guys giving thanks to their podcast fans.

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