Episode 51

Edibles with Billy


January 21st, 2019

48 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys are joined by a friend of the podcast Billy. Billy is the manager of Mary Mart, he takes care of the day to day operations and has been with the company for four years. Mary Mart is the largest square footage dispensary in the state of Washington that offers a friendly and fun atmosphere with premium cannabis and prices to fit anyone’s budget. They are located on 6th Ave in Tacoma, across the street from Red Hot.

1:59 – Billy shares Mary Mart's location, Justin gives listeners information on where they can find GCP online, and their new Patreon site that gives listeners the ability to support the podcast. Billy explains how long he’s been with Mary Mart, shares with the guys some of what Mary Mart has to offer, and they discuss ‘The Great Brown Out’. Scott talks about GCP’s livestream hiccup and Brogan explains how to make deep fried pizza.

13:55 – They chat briefly about the various theories around Santa, Billy talks about ‘The Dope Show’ that’s supported by Mary Mart, and the events Mary Mart offers at the shop that includes ‘Mary Marts Got Talent’ and ‘Mary Mart Educational Hour’. They talk about marijuana bath bombs, Washington State’s hold on their move to ban all marijuana gummies and hard candies, and Billy shares information on the chocolates he’s brought in.

25:37 – Justin talks about the death of his love of spicy food, quick chat about Chuck Lidell, and conversation goes back to marijuana edibles. Scott talks about his friends’ recent first visit to a weed store being Mary Mart, their review of the visit, and Billy discusses the different ways companies extract marijuana. Billy offers to be Brogan's Sherpa, Brogan talks about his marijuana journey with the in-laws, the medical benefits of it, and ‘The Little Blue Pills’.

35:38 – Justin discusses Governor Jay Inslee’s plan to offer pardons to thousands of Washington State residents with misdemeanor marijuana convictions, Billy talks about the Blue Roots Cannabis Company that made the chips their trying, and Brogan talks about adding it to his deep fried pizza. They talk about the sparkle lemonade they tasted made by Evergreen Herbal, how they are non-GMO verified, and Brogan talks about business troubles he has going on with the power outage.

Thanks Billy for joining the guys for another great conversation and an update on what’s happening and Mary Mart!

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