Episode 59

New Track City


March 11th, 2019

54 mins 47 secs

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Bem, Drui, and Chi Stone from the band New Track City joins the guys on this GCP episode. New Track City is a hip hop band based out of Federal Way. They bring music rich in jazz, soul and alternative style sound with influences that range from Jay-Z, 2pac, Notorious, and Drake, to Green Day, U2, and Cold Play. They’re playing April 7th in Denver, Colorado and May 31st in Seattle. Just as this was being written, they announced on Facebook a second Seattle show happening on May 30th, showing clearly their growing popularity with fans in the PNW area.

1:52 – The guy’s give info on how fans can support the show through Patreon, give props to Castle Security and Protection owner that saved Brogans life, and Dru, Chi Stone, and Bem introduce themselves and where they’re from. Dru shares that he moved to Federal Way from Kenya, the things that are similar between both places, and how Bem and Chi Stone met Dru. They talk about when they started to collaborate musically together, where people can find them online, and their process around putting out new music.

14:51 – Bem and Chi Stone talked about the different types of beats that influenced them as a kid, the music they’re listening to now, and how much of a scene there is in Seattle/Tacoma for Hip Hop. Scott mentions different all age venues that are going on in Tacoma, they talk about their “all in” mentality and how long they’ve been putting music out together. Scott gives them props for the hard work they put into their music, they talk about their difficulties in the music industry, and how they built their fan base. Dru talks about the process around performing live, how they connect with the fans, and the high amount of energy tied to their shows.

30:26 – Scott talks about his love for high energy metal concerts, they talk about the legendary bands that have played at The Crocodile venue in Seattle, and what it’s like to play in Los Angeles. They talk about the incredible people there, the challenge it is to make connections in Seattle, and how open people are for great conversations in Tacoma. Justin discusses Tacoma history, the amazing buildings in the Tacoma area, and plays New Track City’s song “Pride”.

45:03 – Justin talks about his favorite genre being Steam Punk, going to Seattle’s Steamposium, and the steam punk bar at his house. He plays another one of New Track City’s songs, “Keep It Trill”, Chi Stone explains where the song came from, and where people can find their videos online. Conversation goes to cookie dough cheesecake, Justin gives props to the song, and where people can find New Track City online.

Thanks Bem, Chi Stone, and Dru for sitting down with the GCP guys and sharing some of your amazing music!

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