Episode 58

GCP Hangout


March 4th, 2019

49 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode Justin, Jeff, and Scott are hanging at the Union Club talking about what is going on with GCP and the haps in the community. They cover Snowmageddon, Emerald City Comic Con, and ideas for upcoming shows. For listeners that know of people or businesses in the PNW that have a great story to tell, e-mail info@gritcitypodcast.com.

1:55 – Justin shares the different patron levels GCP offers to those that want to support the podcast through Patreon, gives props to Jason with Castle Security and Protection, and Jeff talks about his recent purchase of a base guitar he found on Craigslist. They talk of instruments each of them have, Scotts want for an electric drum set, and Jeff encourages the team to get together and make a funky baseline for the show intro.

10:11 – Scott brings up a story on YouTube around first amendment audits where a person videotaping in LA was shot, Justin brings up Flatstick Pub opening in downtown Tacoma in late 2019, and the t-shirts and sweatshirts they offer to their supporting Patrons. Jeff gives a shout-out to Puget Sound Pizza’s great job shoveling the sidewalk and street when it snowed, that leads to talk on the recent Snowmageddon, and the challenge of getting around Seattle and Tacoma when it snows.

20:05 – Justin talks about him and his wife getting involved in the community, watching a Subaru crash in the snow, and Scott talks about the fun of driving in the snow when he was a kid. They discuss ideas around getting a GCP station wagon, Jeff covers being recently stuck in Snoqualmie Pass during the storm, and they talk about the post snow tire chains on the road from people that did not put them on correctly.

34:31 – Justin shares his plans to attend Emerald City Comic Con, their plan to have another psychic on the show, and the desire to have a ghost hunt with the psychic and Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours at the Union Club. Jeff gives a shout out to Mary Mart, they discuss Mary Mart being open during Snowmageddon, and the friendly and helpful atmosphere Mary Mart has. Scott talks about upcoming guests they are going to have on, other creative ideas the guys have around live streams for the show, and how people can help the show out.

Until next time everyone, thanks for listening!!!

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