Episode 68

Gutty and Tha Wurm


May 13th, 2019

53 mins 17 secs

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This time the guys talk with local Tacoma artists Gutty and Tha Wurm about their newest project. Each have played in multiple bands in the area over the years including bands like Stay Grounded. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their new projects and where they’re playing.

2:09 – Scott shares how Patreon fans can watch their recording live, Jeff gives shout out to EJ from Die Cut Stickers, and Gutty talks about his love for Tacoma. He covers his music influences, shares info on their current project, and Justin asks about how they are incorporating playing multiple instruments at a time while on stage. Wurm shares their process of putting music together in the studio, Gutty shares the struggle of playing venues when under age 18, and they talk about how long they’ve been playing around Tacoma.

15:20 – They share their favorite places to play in Tacoma, Wurm brings up collaborating with other bands in the area, and his love of 80’s thrash metal. Justin shares the first tape and CD he bought, Scott shares his sister getting him out of school to listen to Metallica’s album Black, and Wurm talks about listening to his dad’s tapes as a kid. Gutty talks about the first CD he bought in the store, Jeff talks about buying his first record in Sunnyside, Washington, and Gutty talks about his most recent project with Stay Grounded.

30:40 – Worm expounds on putting out his recent album The Worm - Off the Hook, how he came up with the name of the song Tom Fadey, and playing with The Palmer Squares at Louie G's. Justin talks about his love of the people in Tacoma that have such a great want to help others, their love for The Union Club, and Wurm talks about find Ghost Dog and giving it away to a family in the area. Gutty drops the name of their new collaboration and the types of gear they’ll be using with it.

46:11 – Gutty discusses the main influences they’ll be playing on with their new project, Wurm talks about his love for funk and 80’s Death Metal, and Justin gives a shout out to the metal bands that played at Hells Kitchen in Tacoma. Wurm talks about playing with a new hard-core medal band Blunt Force, Gutty talks about the band Chromeo being another of their influences, and Justin shares his love of the local band Stoned Evergreen Travelers.

Thanks to Gutty and Wurm for an awesome conversation and sharing your love of music.

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