Episode 67

Once Upon a Superhero


May 6th, 2019

38 mins 11 secs

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This time the GCP team talks with Scott Weil, producer of the movie Once Upon a SUPERHERO. The movie is about a homeless wanderer, named Solar Flare, who proclaims to be a real superhero from the Sun who has been exiled to live on Earth without his superpowers for 189 days. From the personal discovery of why he was sent here (to save this planet from an apocalyptic solar flare), to the array of bizarre characters that misguide him, we follow the lost 'superhero' on what quickly becomes a downward spiral journey into the underbelly of Hollywood...a place he comes to realize is not worth saving. The movie has won the Best Sci-Fi Feature Film at the Silver State Film Festival, Best Cinematography Feature Film at the Culver City Film Festival, and Best Sci-Fi Feature Film at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival.

1:17 – Justin introduces Scott Weil, lets the listeners know how people can reach out to the podcast, and how listeners can support them on Patreon. They move from fungus to Scott W telling the guys what the movie is about, the comments he has receive from people giving him props on how he captured the grit and the feel of Hollywood in the movie, and Justin shares the upcoming playing of the film at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma. Scott W shares that he and John will be there to present the movie and answer people’s questions and Justin brings up PNW’s super hero legacy Phoenix Jones.

7:58 – Scott W shares that the movie was made over the course of 6 years, their strategy behind recording the movie inconspicuously in downtown Hollywood, and the organic process behind filming. Scott W gives props to the guys for their recording location and them serving beers while recording, his enjoyment of the road trip from LA to Tacoma, and the different phases behind the making of the movie. He shares one of the catastrophic things that happened during the recording and how at times the roadblocks you run into are usually meant for a reason, as hard it is for you to understand it at the time it happens.

16:32 – Scott W talks about the experience it’s been showing the movie off at different film festivals around the world, Justin talks about superhero movies being at the forefront of Hollywood cinema, and the beauty of how this film is the turning of peoples perspective of superhero movies on it’s head. Scott W shares where they will be ging over the next two weeks in the PNW, going back east next, and gives props to movies cinematographers.

22:17 – Scott W talks on how actor Adam Marcinowski took ownership of the character, how they ended meeting up with him when they were casting for the role, and Justin shares how he loves the theatrical experience behind watching movies. Scott W talks about the killing of the western movies in the 70’s, Justin gives props to the original Magnificent 7, and Scott T tells their semi-secret behind the movie. Justin gives props to the Blue Mouse Theaters Friday Night Frights and this episode comes to an end with Scott haring his love for the conversations they have after the movie.

Thanks Scott for joining the guys to share information about the movie and the great conversation!

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