Episode 72

Flat Earth with Mark Sargent


June 10th, 2019

1 hr 40 mins 51 secs

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This time the guys talk with Mark Sargent on the Flat Earth theory. Mark is a PNW local growing up on South Whidbey Island, Washington. He has been researching Flat Earth since 2014. What was at that time to him the strangest conspiracy ever, after extensive research to debunk it, has turned into a theory he has come to believe and promote. In 2015, he started releasing a series of YouTube videos titled "Flat Earth Clues” which has grown to over 79,000 subscribers today. After being involved in the documentary Behind the Curve, Mark has travelled around the world to speak with other like-minded people on the topic.

2:08 – Mark discusses how he got involved in the Flat Earth movement in 2014, Jeff talks about watching the recent documentary Mark was in, Behind The Curve, and Mark talks about manufacturing fireworks when he was attending Western in the 80’s. He talks about moving to Boulder, Colorado in the 90’s to working to develop games, the gaming crowd he hung out with in the early days of computer gaming, and he explains the concept of Flat Earth.

22:19 – Mark talks about the events around the world that he’s attended since the documentary came out, Jeff brings up the weird things that happen at Mount Adams, and Brogan talks about the Titanic conspiracy around insurance fraud. Justin talks about their upcoming pub-crawl, Brogan shares his recent bar discussion of Flat Earth, and Mark shares how climate change can happen in a dome. He explains spending 9 months trying to disprove the Flat Earth theory and answers the question on if people could actually dig to China.

50:30 – Brogan asks about Star Fish Prime, the ring of fire, and the tides. Mark talks about watching his first video on Flat Earth, the type of atmosphere at the flat earth conventions, and how spirituality is linked with the flat earth concept. Conversation turns to each person’s review on HBO’s Chernobyl, PBS’s NOVA, and Mark talks about his other favorite conspiracy theories, including the Panama Canal. Brogan inquiries about falling stars and Mark breaks down Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy for the group.

84:23 – Jeff shares his appreciation to Mark for taking all the arrows and slings from people against on this theory, Mark shares how long he’s been doing his YouTube channel, and how people can find it. He talks about his book Flat Earth Clues, The Skies the Limit, his upcoming book Flat Earth Clues, End of the World and he covers the Cruise to the Edge of the World.

Thanks Mark for an eye opening conversation on Flat Earth!

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