Episode 71

Boot 2 Boot


June 3rd, 2019

51 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

Today the guys hang at Justin’s bar to talk about what’s coming up on the podcast and promoting their upcoming event on June 29th, The Boot to Boot! Promised to be a fun filled adventure, partygoers will be starting their quest at Flying Boots & Wings on 38th and from there scooting on Lime Scooters, bikes, skateboards, walking, or car, to their final destination Rein Huas, with a couple stops along the way. One of the stops, The Camp Bar, will also have give aways, you can’t miss out!! The gang will be starting the party at 1 pm, attendees are responsible for finding their own transportation, as mentioned, everything is welcome including bikes, skateboards, cars, and on foot. The route is approximately 3 miles long. More information will be available on the Facebook page.

2:02 – The guys talk about the last time they recorded at Justin’s house, Scott talks about arguing at the bar about Big Foot, and Brogan talks his upcoming high school reunion. They give props to Justin’s wife, Scott talks about Justin recently losing his multi tool, and Justin talks about their t-shirt contest for those that provide GCP reviews on ITunes.

13:46 – Jeff talks about raising cows when he was a kid, Brogan shares his love for crawfish, and they talk about the fun they had at Justin’s birthday party last month. They give their props to Malarkeys, the cost it would take to update the building it was in, and the growing battle of parking in downtown Tacoma. Justin and Brogan talk about the new McMenamins Elks Temple that has recently opened, Justin brings up the property value rising in Tacoma, and they share what they ate when visiting the Tiki Bar there.

30:54 – Each gives his review of the food they got from Memo’s, Justin gives listeners information on their Boot 2 Boot coming up at the end of the month, and Scott encourages listeners attending the event to bring their own transportation. Justin shares how people that have questions can get a hold of them, Scott brings up people they should invite to go, and Brogan mentions that anyone attending the event in a tuxedo can drink for free.

38:29 – Justin talks about the plan to live stream during the event, Scott covers the cost of renting the scooters, and they discuss the hope to possibly setup a party buss for the event. Brogan talks about making the backpack of doom, Justin mentions the upcoming Art on the Ave, and the marijuana business 25 Trees going out of business. Justin talks about Tacoma giving away free trees, how people can get more info on how to do it, and Brogan talks about the past McDonalds Earth Day.

For people that would like more info on The Boot To Boot, please visit our Facebook page.

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