Episode 8

Penny Palabras


March 26th, 2018

55 mins 7 secs

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On this episode, the guys sit down with Ken Carlson, Deena Ingley, and Emilie Rommel Shimkus to talk about Ken’s newest project, Penny Palabras. After his sci-fi comedy “Dead Drift,” Ken shifted gears to create a “cinematic adaptation” of the graphic novel. The storyline is based around ‘Penny Palabras, a strong young woman finding her place in a world that doesn’t always make sense. She’s been troubled by the supernatural for years, but now a sinister Straw Man is stalking her and threatening her friends and family. Penny’s not like other kids – she’s learned a few spells and enchantments with the help of a local librarian. Together, they’ve found a way to banish the Straw Man. All Penny has to do is make a deal with a Devil, but all deals with Devils come at a price’ (taken from the about section of Penny Palabras website).

The show kicks off with Ken telling the guys about his new project Penny Palabras, an adaptation of a graphic novel. He explains that it was originally filmed as a web series that turned into a featured film that is close to being released. Deena, who plays Penny, tells the guys about what intrigued her to play the character and how she related to her. Emilie, who plays Valerie, Penny’s mom, then explains what brought her into the show and her appreciation of the well written it was. Justin then turns to Ken again and what his selling point was for the author to turn the graphic novel into a film.

15:05 – Conversation around the vlog that’s available to fill in the blanks for people that want to dive deeper into the story. Ken discusses the book 1,000 True Fans and how essential they are for people to sustain their art career. Talk then goes to Magic and Kens upcoming Magic Booster Draft for American Heart Disease, held at Little Creek Casino Hotel. Scott then tells the group about his love for growing pineapples and Deena talks about her first time playing DND and her first character as a Druid Dwarf. Emilie also tells the group about acting in Journey Quest.

29:41 – Ken talks about the darkness of Penny Palabras and his plans to work on a light hearted project after Penny Palabras is done. He covers how some of the lines were right out of his childhood and the emotional toll the show has taken on him. Deena and Emilie also talk about divining into the darker characters they played and the ‘survival skill’ of actors as they move into the character and then walking away when they’re done playing it. Justin then asks about what advice each one of them would give to people that are wanting to start out in writing, directing, or acting.

39:32 – The discussion turns to practical effects vs. computer effects and what it’s like for the actors to pretend and Ken going back and adding effects after the fact. Ken covers the scene with Penny lighting the book on fire in the bookstore, an example of when they were unable to pull the scene off without adding computer effects to it. Brogan talks about his recent visit to Mexico and his adventure with meeting the locals.

This show comes to an end on where people that are interested can find Penny Palabras online and their booth at the upcoming Crypticon. Ken talks about Deena’s dedication to recording the show from April – September and where people can find the actors individual website and social media.

Thank you Ken, Deena, and Emilie for joining the guys for a captivating conversation!

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