Episode 7

Dystopia Rising: Washington


March 19th, 2018

53 mins 17 secs

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On this episode the guys are joined with Gaylon "Coop" Cooper the Coordinator Director and Jim Flood, the Storytelling Director of Dystopia Rising. Dystopia Rising is a completely immersed LARP (Live Action Role-Playing experience set in a post-apocalyptic genre. Events are held all year around, typically once a month and run from Friday – Sunday. They are a community based game and new players are always welcome! Dystopia Rising offers discounts to first timers and provides new player training to get them up and going. Those wanting more information can visit them online at: dystopiarisingwa.com.

The show kicks off with Brogan teaching the guys how to eat crawfish and how it’s prepared in different places around the world. Justin then turns the conversation to Coop to describe what Dystopia Rising is, what people can do and be a part of when they attend, and the different type of post-apocalyptic faiths that the players have come up with at the most recent event. Coop then explains how Dystopia Rising was started in New Jersey and it’s moved across the US.

12:32 – Coop explains when Dystopia Rising WA came about in 2013 and what drew them into LARPing. They talk about zombies, raiders, and the modules they provide to the players to keep the immersed into the game. Conversation then goes to the age of players that attend, how often they hold the event, and the amount of people that typically attend.

26:27 – Coop and Jim talk about what got them into LARPing and their first time they attended a LARPing event. Jim tells them about how telling stories, writing the stories, and watching the game organically unfold are his favorite parts of the events. Discussion then goes to how they handle combat and the types of firearms they offer attendees.

40:24 – The show comes to an end with talk about the importance of character vs event not character vs character and the fights they’ve gotten into while in character. In closing, Jim explains how easy it is for new people to into the game, including providing newbies with a weapon and helping them build their first characters.

Thanks Coop and Jim for joining the guys for an interesting, in-depth, look into Dystopia Rising!

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