Episode 82

Food Is Free Tacoma


August 26th, 2019

39 mins 14 secs

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On this episode of the GCP, the guys talk with David Thompson from the Tacoma chapter of the Food is Free Project. The Food is Free Project is a worldwide movement of people sharing food freely. The organization strives for food-sharing that advocates for front yard gardens and sharing among neighbors in order to help in growing the community.

03:00 – Justin gives a shout out to Rusty, frequent podcast visitor and one of the owners of the Church Cantina, talks about who they ran into at the McKinley Street Fair, and David talks about what Food is Free does. He explains that they have 10 gardens around Tacoma, how they use it to build the community, and why he got shut down by the health department due to not having a permit to share cider at the McKinley Street Fair. He shares how Food is Free got started, when he started it in Tacoma, and Justin shares where people can find Food is Free online.

10:36 – David expands on how he got started, they talk about the struggles of low income homes getting fresh fruits and vegetables, and the importance for people to share what they grow with their neighbors. David shares where the 10 locations are around Tacoma, why he grows the gardens, and gives tips for people wanting to start one. Scott explains what TAGRO, short for Tacoma Grow is, David talks on what are some of people’s favorite vegetables, and Justin shares his love for brussel sprouts.

20:07 – David explains what his event “Press Day Wednesday” is, what Food is Free being an open source project means, and talks about the Shroom Brothers t-shirts that will be available online in November. Justin then dives into coaster questions, David talks about the easiest and hardest vegetables to grow, and if he ever grew something he didn’t want to give away. He comments on not being vegetarian, Scott talks about the cars they saw at the car show, and David talks about what got him into being a mechanic.

31:19 – David talks about the car he would love to have, Justin talks about him and Michelle owning a Jaguar car, and Justin shares where people can find Food is Free online. David encourages people that would like more information to contact him and their plans to expand to 15 - 20 gardens in 2020.

Thanks David for joining the guys to talk about the great work that Food is Free does for the area!

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