Episode 81

After Hours with Billy


August 19th, 2019

1 hr 3 mins 21 secs

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Billy White joins the guys for an update on what’s been going on at Mary Mart in Tacoma. Mary Mart is a retail marijuana dispensary located nearby in the south Tacoma neighborhood. They’re family-owned and operated and take pride in serving their local community. They pride themselves in being well-versed in their craft and love offering their expertise and insight when it comes to marijuana and its many applications. People can learn more about Mary Mart and their upcoming events by visiting their website at: www.marymart.com.

4:13 – Justin invites listeners that are interested in sharing what’s going on with them in Tacoma to reach out to the podcast, Billy gives the guys an update on what’s new with Mary Mart, and shares that they’ve been open for 5 years. He talks about how they’ve expanded from a tiny shop ran by the owner and his dad to where it’s at today, the cool people they have hired, and how it’s now a became household name over the years. They talk about the different stores that have come and gone in the marijuana industry, Justin talks about his first visit there and the connections Mary Mart make with people in the community.

15:30 – Scott gives an update on his broken knee, he gives props to Summit Physical Therapy in Puyallup, Billy shares information on the Exotics brand that they sell at the shop, and gives tips on how people can find the right marijuana for them. Justin talks about his most recent trip to the store, the different strains mixed as hybrids, and Billy shares his love for Pokémon Go. Justin and Billy give their reviews of the recent Dave Chappelle & Joe Rogan show in Tacoma, how great security was ran during the show, and the crazy traffic before the it.

32:48 – They talk about Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan renting out the whole theater in Rustin Way, where people can rent out the other theaters in Tacoma, and Billy explains where the next sample they tried came from. He talks about the different extraction methods that are used, Justin shifts the conversation to coaster questions, and Scott shares his appreciation of a good bartender at the shops. Billy answers the question on how many people in suits purchase marijuana, how the shop gets their weed to sell, and the difference between seeds and starts.

48:07 – Scott tells Billy about the hidden Tacoma gem, The Manuscript Museum in Tacoma, Justin shares that Tacoma Art Museum is featuring Bart on TAM, and Billy talks about his recent trip to a Mariners game. Billy gives the guys some edibles to try, including one that’s a mix of THC and CBD, the recent boom with drug stores selling CBD, and what THCA is. Justin tries the peach gummy and Billy shares where people can find Mary Mart.

Thanks Billy for the samples and update on what has been going on in your world!

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