Episode 86

Tacoma Film Festival 2019


September 23rd, 2019

46 mins 26 secs

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David and Tanya from the Tacoma Film Festival join the guys to talk about the upcoming event happening on October 3rd – 10th. Established in 2006, the film festival presents a lively week of films, workshops, events, and discussions. Tacoma Film Festival programming is a unique blend of audience and industry programming that empowers all who attend to connect with creators.

01:35 – Justin shares where listeners can find them online, Scott suggests them having Shroom Brothers print different colored shirts for their Patreon followers, and David talks about how last years film festival went. Justin discusses when the film festival is happening this year, David talks about how many films are showing at the festival this year, and how the virtual reality films work. He shares how long they normally last, how VR is a new medium that they are excited to see what people can do with it, and Justin explains what AR is.

13:34 – Justin talks on the importance of documentaries that help inform viewers about what is going on in their area, David talks on how engaged people were last year in conversation with the creators of the films, and they chat about the recent renovation of Pantages. Justin gives a shout out to Isaac Olsen, David talks on Isaac’s involvement with the festival, and Tanya discusses them working with Art Chantry to design the poster for this years event.

25:14 – Brogan asks the guys who they would want to play them if they had an autobiography film made, Scott calls Jason Momoa to play him, and Tanya talks on Tacoma Film Festivals Pacific Northwest highlights. David talks on the films they are showing at The Blue Mouse Theater during the event, the ‘family friendly’ program that they have, and Tanya share’s info on the free wellness workshops they are also offering. David talks on the comedies they are showing, the nationwide single night screening of the film Mr. America, and Tanya describes what the Danish film Koko-di Koko-da is about.

35:29 – Justin kicks of coater questions asking David and Tanya what their favorite films are, Brogan talks on working at Hollywood Video, and Justin shares that his favorite is Pulp Fiction. Scott shares his love for old weird 80’s movies, Tanya talks about the recent showing of Chopping Mall at Weird Elephant, and David talks on Wade that hosts Weird Elephant Series putting together the Short Program at the film festival.

Thank you David and Tanya for joining the guys for a great conversation on the Tacoma Film Festival!!!

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