Episode 88

Steve's Drunk History - Education


October 7th, 2019

1 hr 23 mins 1 sec

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This time the guys have another great conversation with one of our favorites, Steve Dunkleberger. For those first tuning into an episode with him, Steve has been a working journalist for more than 20 years at various publications around the Puget Sound. In addition to being a journalist, he is also a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists National Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Awards. He has also has given lectures in the area on issues facing journalists, is a member of the Knights of the Pythias, and offers Drunken History tours of Tacoma. Steve has written two history books on the city of Lakewood and has just published his newest book on McNeil Island. He has also had several of his historical articles published on Historylink.org and in Columbia magazine. His past GCP episodes are Episode 10, a Best Of on Jake Bird, Episode 17 where the guys get to tour The Knights of Pythias’s Commencement Lodge #7, Episode 44 where they discuss The Maury Island Incident, Episode 61 where they talk Drunk History and Episode 73: JBLM.

2:38 – Steve shares the tie he was wearing that day, the number of ties that he owns, and his 30 food related ties. Justin shares how listeners can find other shows they have done with Steve, Steve talks about the next project he is working on, and the group he’s working with to clean up the old pioneer headstones at the Tacoma cemetery. He talks about what got him started in cleaning up headstones, the solutions they use to do so, and the amount of people that help with this event. He talks about findagrave.com, the stories behind the headstones, and on the beginning history of the educational system in Tacoma.

20:54 – Steve talks about how ancient Native Americans generally lived 9 years longer than their European counter parts, Jeff talks on the importance for people to know how to search the web, and Steve shares an interesting experience he had with someone on Facebook around cursive writing. Justin talks about the use of Heinz Ketchup in the 1800’s for medicine, asks Steve on how the modern 1800’s society coming to Tacoma impacted education in the area, and Steve talks on what drove people to the PNW in the 1840’s and 50’s.

44:02 – Steve shares info on his Swiss Army knife and the features it has, the books he has written, and the location of the Pythian Temple. Justin talks on how astounded he was when touring the temple, how people can become members, and Steve provides info on his upcoming October Drunk History. He talks on his belief of ghosts, Justin discusses his belief, and Jeff shares how deep he goes with ghosts and his want to harness ghost energy.

61:18 – Steve brings the conversation back to education and gives a shout out to Clara McCarty, Pierce County’s first superintendent in 1880 and first graduate of the University of Washington. He talks on the inflation of educational costs and Justin talks taking college classes in Lakewood. They discuss the strip clubs in the area, how the clubs cannot server alcohol in Pierce County, and what they’re selling to get around the rule. Steve finishes out the show talking on the history behind Pierce County School District.

Thanks Steve for another great conversation!

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