Episode 89

Jaimie Cordero from Espionage Cosmetics


October 14th, 2019

58 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys sit down with CEO Jaimie Cordero from Espionage Cosmetics. Espionage Cosmetics sells nerd based nail wraps, makeup, accessories, and tools. You can find more information on the products by visiting them online at: https://www.espionagecosmetics.com

1:35 – The show kicks off with conversation on Brogans recent trip to Louisiana to visit his sister, Jaimie talks on her opinion of seafood, and the lower cost of living in the south. Jaimie discusses what Espionage Cosmetics is, where people can find them online, and Justin talks on when he first met with Jaimie in 2013. Jaimie talks on the company’s first and second Kick Starter, Scott asks on the history of the company, and Jaimie talks on what got her started in the venture.

16:41 – Jaimie talks of starting two companies when arriving in Washington in 2008, they talk on how geeks run the world, and Justin shares info on the video games he’s been playing. Jaimie talks on their first Kick Starter, that amazing followers on Facebook they had that helped make it happen, and Scott talks on the great supporters of the podcast. Justin shares how he appreciates meeting the different people and learning their stories with the podcast, what drives him to support local Tacoma businesses, and Jaimie chats about the huge variety of programs the state is offering to people wanting to setup a business.

29:03 – Scott gives information on the SBA and how people can find information on what they provide, they all give props to the abundance of learning information online, and Jaimie talks on her determination to get the business going. Justin turns the conversation to coaster questions, Jaimie talks on how she got the title ‘glitter jedi’, and her Arnold Schwarzeneger obsession. She talks on how she has learned to use negative situations from the past as energy to transform into a superpower and Justin shares watching Predator in the theater for the first time.

45:13 – Justin talks on the history of The Union Club, other haunted buildings in Tacoma, and Jaimie chats on the importance of pivoting for small business owners. She shares how she came across her mentor, her and her mentors love of Tacoma, and she gives tips to those seeking a mentor. She shares how many countries her company is shipping to, Justin gives information on where people can find Espionage Cosmetics online, and brings the podcast to a close with information on where people can find GritCity Podcast on all the social media.

Thanks Jaimie for joining the guys for a great conversation!

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