Episode 100

One-On-One with Author David James Roberts - The Paper Man


December 30th, 2019

58 mins 11 secs

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On this episode David James Roberts, local Tacoma author, sits down for an exclusive GCP one-on-one conversation with Justin. David’s first book, "The Paper Man” is a fictional story based around the real life soccer player, Matthias Sindelar. Matthias was arguably the greatest player of his generation and his death in 1939 is still in question to this day. After growing up just outside of New York city, attending college in Arizona, and working in New Mexico and Kansas, David relocated to the PNW in 2014. In addition to writing, he has worked in radio, movie and television production, and as a college instructor. He has also begun working on a follow-up book which he hopes to have done by spring 2020.

02:04 – Justin gives a shout out to the listeners that have posted reviews of the podcast, expresses his appreciation of the guests that have been on the show in the past, and talks on the GCP plan for the New Year’s episode. He introduces David, David talks about what his book, The Paper Man, is about, and how the book was not only about events that happened during the last days of Matthias Sindelar’s life, he talks on how it was also about what it means for someone to be in a position of power even though he was outside the government.

12:48 – David talks on what drew him to the story and writing the book, the interweaving of sports and politics during the time of the early 1930’s, and the cultural aspects soccer has around the world. He speaks to how soccer is also a universal language around the world, the year that soccer was officially formalized, and what parts of the book are the fictionalized pieces of the story. Justin shares where people can find the book online, David talks on where he grew up, and what brought him to Tacoma.

29:49 – David shares the cultural differences he has seen between the mid-west and the PNW, how most of us, regardless of where you live in the country, have the same desires and hopes in life, and how he felt right at home when moving to Tacoma. He talks on what inspired him to write the book during the National Novel Writing Month, the length of time it took him to edit and flush out the book after writing it, and reminds listeners that anything creative takes practice to master.

44:39 – David shares places he has never been that he’d love to go to, countries he’s been to that he’d love to go back to, and what it was like for him to experience his first live soccer match. He talks about being attracted to soccer teams that represent their community, his favorite work throughout his career, and how he ended up being an assistant producer on the documentary “The Life Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo”.

Thanks David for sitting down with Justin for an intriguing conversation on the book and your career!

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