Episode 99

Hypnosis and Float Tanks with Deane and Jessie


December 23rd, 2019

53 mins 48 secs

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Deane Benninghoven from Summit Hypnosis NW and Jessie Puryear from Urban Float join GCP to talk about their recent hypnotherapy experience with two floaters that received hypnosis therapy while in the tank. Deane is a certified hypnotist and artist located in Tacoma. He uses hypnotherapy to help adults and children overcome limiting and negative behaviors and chronic pain. Tune into episode 79 for an in depth conversation on his practice. Jessie Puryear is the owner of the Urban Float Tacoma franchise. His location has six rooms featuring the DreamPod Max Float Pod. Floating has been around for over 50 years and has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits to it. It is most often used as a method for relaxation and to boost creativity.

01:57 – Justin welcomes listeners to the episode, recommends listeners catch the Gremlins episode if they haven’t yet, and Scott talks about the YouTube Channel Stop a Douchebag located in Russia. Justin introduces Deane from Summit Hypnosis Northwest and Jessie from Urban Float, and Deane explains what services Summit Hypnosis provides. Jessie talks about what got him into floating, Scott also talks about what got him into floating, and Jessie explains the floating experience itself.

12:19 – Michelle talks about her tank experience, what it was like to have Deane present during the float to help her reset, and Jessie explains how him and Deane came together to combine hypnotism and floating. Deane explains that hypnosis is really always self-hypnosis, how they ended up doing the hypnosis during the float, and Deane shares what providing hypnosis was like during the floats. Michelle further explains the process of the float and hypnosis experience, what it was like to go through the visualization of the seasons, and Jessie shares that Deane will soon be providing Urban Float with visualization tracks that floaters can use during their float.

26:29 – Jessie shares what a float tank is and what is inside of it, Justin tells listeners where people can find each of them on social media, and Michelle talks about the benefit of having a place to relax post float. Justin talks about how great it has been to see the new businesses come up in University Place, they recommend people to eat post floating vs before, and the different sounds from your body that has been heard while in the tank. Michelle talks about the trigger points in the bodies muscles, Justin shares the other participants’ review of the hypnosis float, and Deane talks about how great it is to help people get out of their mind and focus on the moment.

42:46 – Justin talks on the importance of getting his daily early morning resets, Jessie shares what they are doing with athletic teams, and Scott explains how floating is great for recovery. Jessie comments on famous teams and athletes that float, Justin talks on how the tank could help with his personal anxiety, and Jessie talks about the benefits floating has also for people that have PTSD. Scott shares on the Float for Fibromyalgia Day, how the spine can stretch up to an inch in the tank, and Justin closes out with how listeners can find Deane and Jessie online.

Thank you to both Deane and Jessie for coming in to talk about this new cutting edge idea of hypno floating!

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