Episode 101

GCP: Ringing in 2020. Recapping 2019.


January 6th, 2020

58 mins 39 secs

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This time, the group gets together and says goodbye to 2019 and welcomes the New Year. They lookback at exciting moments of 2019 and share what is coming up in 2020. Happy 2020 to GCP’s past guests and listeners! We’re looking forward to another great year of podcasting!!

02:26 – Justin shares how listeners can find them online, they talk about the Grit City Podcast brainstorming get away to Ocean Shores, and the peach infused Vodka drink they enjoyed while hanging out there. Each shares if they have tried a tequila worm in the past, the Ocean Shores tap Ocean Pours, and the Tacoma sub Reddit post ‘Memos on 6th’.

19:27 – Conversation goes to Scott breaking his knee, the Boot To Boot, and whether or no Justin should get a breathalyzer machine for his bar. Justin talks about riding the scooter back, Scott and Becca comment on the accident, and they talk about their interview with Streetball Supe on Episode 64. Scott talks about what was going through his mind when listening to Streetball Supe talk about getting attacked with an ax, they talk the bigfoot podcast, and Justin introduces drunken playbacks.

34:36 – Jeff suggests they release drunken version of previous podcasts, Justin talks about the nerf war at his 40th birthday party, and the kind crows that return nerf darts they have found in the neighbor’s yard to their house. He talks about the controversy around their Flat Earth episode, Scott suggests Jeff animates the drunken remakes, and they embark on the drunken version of the Boot To Boot episode.

48:47 – Drunken replay goes to the Tacoma Sirens episode, Justin talks about what’s coming up in 2020, and mentions their upcoming conversation with Peace Bus Tacoma. He encourages users to let them know what they are interested in hearing in the upcoming year, Boot To Boot Number Two, and Scott shares their latest review.

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