Episode 108

Allison Needles from the Tacoma News Tribune


February 24th, 2020

49 mins 57 secs

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This time Allison Needles from the Tacoma News Tribune sits down with the GCP guys. Allison was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has been reporting with the paper since 2016. She covers Tacoma city politics and education. You can find her articles online at The News Tribune website and also follow her on Twitter to keep informed on what’s going on in the area.

01:28 – Justin welcomes Allison to the podcast, Scott shares how listeners can get hooked up with some GCP stickers, and Alison talks about joining the Tacoma News Tribune. She talks on starting to cover Tacoma and education news, Scott shares what led him to inviting her to chat with GCP, and Allison talks about getting information out to people to keep them connected to her work. She talks about growing up in the PNW, getting into freelancing, and into journalism.

10:33 – Justin talks on seeing the different side of Tacoma and Allison talks on the difference between Tacoma and Puyallup when it comes the stories she writes. They talk about the rising housing costs in Tacoma, Justin shares his frustration with his neighborhood, and Allison discusses how she differentiates her bias between reporting and the facts. She talks on her future story plans around housing, her resent story on school lock downs, and the equity gaps between different areas on Tacoma.

24:14 – Justin talks about how the bus rapid transit is a hot topic in his area, the concerns on how it would lower housing values, and encourages people to get involved with their local government. Justin and Scott kick off coaster questions, Allison talks on how technology has helped her with journalism, and Justin talks about going from audio editing to video edition.

36:38 – They kick off called shots, Justin talks on going to Pomodoro Italian Restaurant for Valentines Day, and Scott gives a shout out to King Street Bar and Oven in Seattle. He shares his favorite things to eat there, Allison talks about her recent visits to Happy Belly, and what her favorite soups are. Scott shares his favorite soup to eat, gives a shout out to his friends that listen from Nevada, and Justin shares where listeners can find Allison online. Allison talks on what it is like day to day in the office and Justin encourages listeners to be sure to submit Coaster Questions.

Thanks Allison for stopping by to talk about the haps in local politics and your career!

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