Episode 107

Talking Pizza with Tai from The Pizza Bro's Podcast


February 16th, 2020

1 hr 18 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

Tai from the Pizza Bro’s podcast sits in to talk about all things pizza and podcasting. Tai has been doing podcasting in the PNW for the past 12 years, including Pizza Bro’s that has been going for over 3 years and has put out 167 episodes so far. His brother co-hosts Pizza Bro’s where they talk about pizza, candy, and traveling with occasional guests that join in the conversation. Listeners can find them on their favorite podcast streaming service and can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

2:08 – Justin shares how listeners can submit comments or recommendations for podcast visitors, how he met Tai, and Tai shares how long him and his brother have been doing the podcast. He talks about getting started in podcasting, Justin talks about conventions in the area, and the PNW podcast convention. Tai talks on meeting fans at the convention, the other podcasts he does in addition to the Pizza Bro’s, and how his pizza love goes into his body art.

18:44 – Justin shares a local pizza place that is intending to sell Keto Pizza, Tai comments that Chicago Style pizza isn’t technically a pizza, it’s a pie, and Justin shares his favorite deep dish pizza in Chicago. Scott explains what a French Toast Pizza is, Tai talks about doing a podcast with the owners of Tipsy Tomato, and the different pizza’s they’ve tried on the podcast. Justin shares his love of Rubens, his favorite place to get Rubens in Tacoma, and Tai talks on the podcast shift to talking candy on the show in addition to pizza.

41:18 – They talk on toping hot takes, Tai shares on of the best Hawaiian pizza he has ever had, and the great lunch buffet at the Smoking Monkey Pizza in Seattle. Scott and Tai give props to Wicked Pie Pizza in Puyallup, Justin talks on stumbling on Johnny Americas Hawaiian Pizza, the Tai talks on where the Hawaiian Pizza was invented. Justin gives a shout out to the Taco Pizza from Tacoma and props to the Devils Reef in Tacoma.

56:02 – Tai talks on the list he has made of the semi-local Tacoma Pizza places, how he feels on New York Style pizza vs Chicago, and doing a pizza tour with friends starting on Olympia. He recommends those that would like to do a pizza tour should limit it to eight locations, they talk on plans of doing a co-sponsored pizza tour in Tacoma, and Justin give props to businesses on 6th Ave. Scott suggests a burger tour as well, them having Odd Otter on GCP back in the day, and Justin talks gives a shout out to Loose Wheel. Tai shares how to make a pizza meatloaf and Scott gives a shout out to Blue Max store in Puyallup.

Thanks Tai for taking time out of your day to share your podcast and love for pizza!

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