Episode 114



April 6th, 2020

1 hr 5 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

Brogan, Justin, and Scott connect online and talk gaming the apocalypse. Many thanks to you, the GCP supporters! We appreciate you listening and support the podcast through Patreon!

01:42 – Scott comments on how often he’s put on pants in the last three weeks, Justin comments on their last recording, and Brogan talks about the Wal-Mart ware styles he’s been featuring lately. Justin expresses how weird it is to be in the world we are in now, the new recommendation for people to wear masks, and his wife’s work from home order. Brogan expresses how thankful he is for the timing of selling his business, Justin shares the games he’s been playing since the order, and what has happened since their last recording. Scott talks about how the only comments he sees online is about Covid-19, Brogan shares his recent weight loss, and Scott comments on the drink he’s enjoying while recording.

14:09 – Brogan talks about the different types of assignments local schools are having students do while hanging at home, his plans to teach the kids survival skills while home schooling, and Justin talks about how the Kingdom Hall continues to share their religion through the mail during Covid-19. He reads their comforting words, Scott talks on the length of time it is taking people to file unemployment, and Justin comments on a friend that was recently furloughed. Brogan expresses his worries for local businesses in the area, how fragile our capitalistic society is, and Scott talks about the good buys on the stock market. They each share what their favorite post-apocalyptic attire is, the missing TP in the grocery stores, and Justin talks about the strategies people are doing to pick up their groceries sooner.

31:22 – Justin talks about the re-assurance feeling he gets with still having a job, Brogan shares the struggles that are happening in Louisiana, and Justin talks about how people are having to change how they communicate with their family in senior citizens home. Justin shares his hate for meme’s, shares great stories around Tacoma, and Scott suggests having guests on remotely. Brogan suggests the guys watch the latest hyped up show The Tiger King, Justin shares other shows he’s been watching on Netflix, and conversation goes to plans for their new t-shirts.

45:11 – Justin talks about the potential changes that will come post Covid-19, Brogan talks about the boom with companies setting their people up to work remotely, and Justin comments on how the internet is a utility and should be provided to everyone. They discuss the impact on theaters during this crisis, Justin talks about his next big home project, and he and Brogan talk about their “Honey Do’s”. Brogan talks about what he would be up to if the internet was not around, Scott updates the guys on the Covid-19 numbers, and they offer words of wisdom to listeners during this chaotic time.

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