Episode 115

Quarantined - Episode 2


April 13th, 2020

1 hr 9 mins 40 secs

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Brogan, Justin, and Scott sit down for another Quarantined conversation. They were joined by some live listeners and returning guests on the GCP Discord.

01:25 – Conversation kicks off with Brogan announcing his learning of a second language, Justin talks about the conspiracy behind his internet slow down at 6 PM, and things he’s been frustrated over in the past week. He share’s how fortunate he is during the quarantine, things that have been going on in the South Sound area, and Scott shares the local beer he’s drinking. They talk about “essential” businesses, Justin talks about what he and his wife have done to prep, and Justin shares the happy hour shots he’s been doing. He gives a shout out in honor of Norwescon, questions what businesses will be coming back as the virus dies down, and they discuss potential shows that Netflix is cancelling.

16:35 – They tell listeners how they can find them on Discord, Justin encourages to submit coaster questions and where to do so, and Brogan gives a brief review of using his air fryer. Justin talks about things he and his wife have been making in his Instant Pot, he throws out some “Would You Rather” questions, and each one shares if they are shaving and/or wearing clothes during Coronavirus. Justin talks about the return of Lime Scooters, Scott explains what Discord is, and talks about what David Thompson from Food Is Free has been up to.

32:04 – Brogan returns with his Bloody Mary, Scott suggests they have Biff back on from Biff’s BBQ Sauce, Scott shares that he enjoys pickle juice in his Bloody Mary, and Justin talks about his countdown to when they will be about to BBQ again. Each one gives his guess on when people will be able to go to a bar again, when they think the next shut down will be for the second wave, and Justin asks the guys what masks they’ve been wearing in being out in public. Scott talks about what the repercussions are for people that are still out in the streets and Justin talks about the latest mask he is wearing. He talks about what other people are wearing for masks and they question the last time they each had spray cheese.

51:04 – Scott talks about their new shirts that were just printed by Shroom Brothers, a listener jumps in and talks about how he’s adjusted to Coronavirus, and their Shroom Brother friends jump into the conversation. Justin poses a would you rather question to the group, the group talks on if this is an actual apocalypse or simply the prequel, and they debate if Amber actually sliced Johnny Depp’s finger. Everyone talks about what they have been doing during the stay-at-home order, Justin talks about the importance for him to wear pants when leaving the house, and Billy from Mary Mart joins the conversation.

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