Episode 116

Quarantined 3: Enter the FabLab


April 20th, 2020

44 mins 30 secs

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Billy with FabLab joins the guys for their third Quarantine Episode. FabLab Tacoma is Tacoma’s premier makerspace where they strive to provide easy and open access to cutting-edge design and prototyping equipment and to bring educational opportunities and a supportive community for students, inventors, artists, and DIY enthusiasts. They have recently been helping the community by making 3D printed masks and laser cut shields. Those wanting to help out by volunteering or donating to the cause, visit: http://www.fablabeducation.org/masks/ For those wanting to hear more from GCP and FabLab, tune into episode 46 where they talk with Steve on FabLab and Zeva.

01:56 – Justin shares how listeners can find out more about GCP online, talks on their new Discord channel, and gives a shout out to the Shroom Brothers for their new shirts. Scott and Brogan discuss how they are partaking in beer drinking during the Quarantine, Brogan shares the grilling he has been doing lately, and his “biking with family” adventures. Scott brings Billy into the chat who shares how he has been holding up during this time, and talks about his recent adventure going to school in Ireland.

12:32 – Billy talks about how the cost to go to school in Ireland was actually cheaper than taking the classes locally, he explains how he figured out getting around while there, and when he started hearing word about the pandemic. He talks about the hassle with scheduling flights home, his school shutting down, and how he got re-connected with Fab Lab when he returned.

24:14 – Billy explains how FabLab has been acquiring the material needed to make the masks, the kind of innovation it takes to make the masks, and the amount of great collaboration that’s been happening around making them. He shares how people with 3D printers can download the files for the masks from their website, their FabLab Go Fund Me, and how he’s also been coordinating with volunteers in the community to help with making the masks. Brogan shares that he’s taking his wife on a virtual date, Justin shares his love for Clownvis, and Billy talks of what he’s been watching lately.

36:33 – Billy gives the guys an update on Zeva, compares bars here to bars in Ireland, and how he couldn’t keep up drinking with the locals. He talks about how kind the Irish bartenders are with refilling your beer as soon as they see it’s empty, his interesting observation on how people react and communicate while under the influence, and how Galway Ireland is a sister city to Seattle. Justin closes out the show sharing how listeners can help FabLab and GCP.

Thanks Billy for joining the guys virtually for a great conversation on what’s been happening in your world and the amazing things FabLab is doing to help out the PNW during Covid-19!!!

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