Episode 118

Quarantined 5


May 4th, 2020

50 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

Brogan, Justin, and Scott get together for another virtual conversation on what’s been happening lately and to take a step back in time to talk crazy road trips and the early GCP days.

00:13 – Justin gives the listeners some insight on what to expect in the upcoming show, talks on Governor Inslee’s new plan to re-open Washington in phases, and Brogan talks about his recent encounter with the BroRona. Scott shares his new drink idea that includes mixing Root Beer and BSB, Justin gives a shout out one of the GCP listeners, and they discuss how staying at home may actually be causing more illnesses to happen. Scott talks about Old Soldier giving out hand sanitizer to the community and their butterscotch flavored whiskey.

13:02 – The teams talks on their Patrons channel in the Discord App, Justin shares on the Tacoma restaurant’s he and his wife have been ordering from, and Brogan talks about the building he has found for his new business. He talks about the other perks of the building, where it’s located in Renton, and what he’s limited to doing during Covid-19. They talk about the places that have closed in the PNS due to Covid-19, what they have been watching on TV and YouTube lately, and Scott recommends Barry to the group. Justin gives a shout out to Ethan HD, talks about what Ethan has been doing lately for the community, and how listeners can support him.

25:15 – Scott asks about the states that are quarantining people, Brogan comments on the need for his puppy to get a haircut, and Justin recommends listeners to tune into Discord to see their past pics. Justin and Brogan take a step back in time, Scott and Brogan talk about hanging with Black Jesus, and Brogan talks about the glass shop they met him at. They talk about their popular GCP video, why they’re recording during the virus, and Brogan talks about his and Justin’s EverQuest Convention in Vegas.

37:42 – Justin dives into their second road trip to EverQuest in Vegas, Scott talks about the long roads through Nevada, and Justin talks about their Clownvis viewing party. Justin shares his appreciation for GCP listeners, his plans to turn part of the house into a recording studio, and they talk about Rusty’s new business. Scott comments on bringing the European “double kiss” back to Tacoma once everything is open up again, his plans to get people on the podcast in the upcoming weeks, and each comment on what drives them to shower and get dressed during the virus.

GCP is ever thankful for our listeners support, stay safe!!!

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