Episode 117

Quarantined 4: Billy from Mary Mart


April 27th, 2020

49 mins 46 secs

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GCP’s favorite marijuana expert, Billy from Mary Mart, sits down with the guys to talk about the haps at the store. Mary Mart is a retail marijuana dispensary located in the south Tacoma neighborhood. They’re family-owned and operated and take pride in serving their local community. They pride themselves in being well-versed in their craft and love offering their expertise and insight when it comes to marijuana and its many applications. Mary Mart is open during Stay Home, Stay Healthy. To find out more and their hours of operation during Covid-19, visiting their website at: www.marymart.com. For those wanting to hear more with Billy, tune into episodes 3, 5, 9, 36, 39, 51, and 81!

00:27 – Justin gives props to their new fave Clownvis, Billy talks about his disappointment with Mary Mart not being able to fulfill their 4/20 plans due to Coronavirus, and how busy Mary Mart has been during this time. He shares the treats he’s enjoying from Royal Tree located in the Nalley Valley district of Tacoma, he and Brogan talk of living in Gig Harbor, and they each share their worst drinking concoctions. Justin gives the guys a tip on upping up the game on White Claws and they do a ‘weekly quarantine fatness check’.

12:14 – Billy and Brogan share their latest quarantined go to food, Brogan talks about taking on the family grocery shopping, and his recent experiments with loaded fries for the bottle shop. Scott shares places he has been ordering out from lately, Brogan talks of Crockets Pub opening another restaurant in his area, and Billy gives an update on what has been happening with local businesses on 6th Ave. Brogan talks about his recent bike snafu, Justin expresses that he views his life as a sitcom, and Brogan shares his new favorite show on Amazon Prime.

24:21 – Justin talks about the recent shows he’s been watching, the conversation goes to Clownvis, and Brogan explains to the guys the recent improve hosted by Tacoma Little Theatre he watched over Zoom. They talk about the video games they have been playing to kill time, Scott shares what his latest pass time has been, and Brogan expresses his excitement of learning to change his wheelbarrow tire. Scott shares his recent purchase of sea monkeys to help keep down the algae in his water based plants, Justin talks about he and his wife’s recent order out from Red Star Taco Bar to celebrate their anniversary, and Billy breaks the news that he and his wife are expecting a baby in December.

36:22 – Justin explains going Marie Condo during Covid-19, they discuss the show and Movie What We Do in the Shadows, and Brogan shares that there is a new Fight Club comic book that’s been released. They plan to have Chuck Palahniuk on the podcast, talk about their favorite things to tune into on YouTube, and Billy introduces the bong silencer. Justin gives a shout out to their listener Ceasar, where listeners can find them online, and Scott encourages them to join them on Discord.

Thanks Billy for an update on what’s been going on during Covid-19 and congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy!

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