Episode 135

Reviewing Things with Chase Hutchinson


November 2nd, 2020

1 hr 14 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Chase Hutchinson, film critic from Tacoma News Tribune, joins the GCP guys this week. Chase writes on Art and Entertainment for The News Tribune and helps host the podcast, Scratch Cinema.

01:32 – They chat about the hurdles GCP is having with technology on this episode, Justin introduces Chase to the listeners, and Brogan talks about his new red beans and rice hot dog idea. Chase tells the guys about himself, where he can be found online, and Brogan shares his love for The Stranger magazine out of Seattle. Chase talks about how long he’s been in Tacoma, Scott talks about Twin Falls being one of the few places in the US where people can base jump, and they talk about how part of Borat was recorded near Olympia.

19:35 – Chase talks about filming that has been going on in Tacoma, the release of the movie They Reach, and local places in Tacoma it was recorded at. Chase shares his favorite Bigfoot joke, what he did during Halloween, and Justin talks about the movies he watched over the past couple days. Jeff reflects on when, on a whim, he, Scott and a few other friends enjoyed the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma, they talk about Hanks Restaurant in Tacoma, and Chase shares how he removes his bias of movie sequels when reviewing them.

37:30 – Scott gives his review of the new Adam Sandler movie, they each share their favorite and least favorite Adam Sandler movies, and confirm the Netflix does still have subscription option for DVD’s. They discuss the potential for movies to be more Sci-Fi based due to Covid, Chase talks about when the production of movies will be able to start back up in Washington, and the current regulations the state has put in place on production since Covid started.

58:06 – They discuss putting wallpaper in the house and using it for your business, they give props to beer, and talk on their hopes of changes that will come on November 4th. Chase shares other things he does outside of Tacoma News, Justin talks about how he misses having parties at his house, and Scott talks about drinking in Seattle. Chase talks about the current small business vibe in Tacoma, what some of the venues are doing to stay alive, and the huge loss when The Swiss went out of business.

Thanks, Chase, for joining the crew for a great conversation!

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