Episode 139

Thanksgiving Special


November 30th, 2020

42 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Happy Thanksgiving from the GCP crew! On this holiday episode, the guys get together to talk Thanksgiving, parades, what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

01:38 – Justin welcomes listeners to Drinks Giving, Scott shares what he’s been playing on the PS4, and Brogan shares what he cooked for Thanksgiving. Justin talks about smoking his turkey, what he used to brine it, and Brogan expresses his love for pickles. Brogan talks about only ordering groceries online since Covid, they share what their favorite pickles and sausages are, and what items stores have been out of lately.

10:48 – Brogan and Justin reflect on when they last enjoyed Godfathers’s Pizza, they give a shout out to Clownvis for doing 30-minute Thanksgiving virtual dining, and they reflect on shocking movies of the past like Faces of Death. Brogan tells the story about his cousin trying to kill him back in the day when he was visiting his grandma, share’s that he’s past pumpkin spice liquor, and his new toy for the shop, a beer infuser.

24:10 – Justin expresses his frustration with parades, Brogan and Jeff throw out ideas how to get Justin in the next parade, and they share what they are thankful for. Justin gives a shout out to their Patrons, talks about his visit to Little Jerries, and explains what their Festivus sandwich is. Jeff reflects on how glad he is that he’s doing ok during this rough year, how he loves seeing listeners wear his art, and Justin shares his appreciation for Discord.

35:08 – Scott gives props to firepits, shares what he’s thankful for, and Brogan says what he is thankful for as well. Jeff share’s his favorite church joke, Justin expresses his want to be a Grand marshal of a parade, and Scott discusses what bothers him about parades. Brogan closes out the conversation recommending that listeners check out the weird channels on their smart TV.

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