Episode 14

Tacoma Ghost Tours


May 7th, 2018

53 mins 38 secs

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This time Justin and Scott are joined by Andrew who is a part Tacoma Ghost Tours, the first and longest running paranormal guided walking tour of Tacoma. Running since 2012, they offer three different, entertaining, tours around the connection between Tacoma’s history and the paranormal. Andrew joined the guys in 2015 twice, one of the recordings was an actual ghost hunt done at Brandy’s Attic Antiques. They’re also joined by Jeff who does the video work for the podcast.

The show kicks off with discussion on Tacoma’s weather. Andrew gives the guys a history on Tacoma Ghost Tours, the tours they offer, and how they got started. They talk about Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Galloping Gertie, that collapsed November 1940 and other disasters in Tacoma, including the Hamilton Candy Company fire.

14:45 – Scott shares the story of GCP’s ghost hunt at Brandy’s Attic Antiques with Andrew. They guys take a short break and when they return they discuss Scott’s interaction with one of Malarkey’s customers around the shirt Scott wore that day. They also discuss Tacoma’s open community where, unlike other cities, strangers regularly strike up conversations and the diverse types of people in the area.

27:56 – Andrew shares a clip of him provoking ghosts to communicate with them during the ghost hunt with GCP. Justin talks about working security at the Tacoma Road Center and the creepy things he experiences while working there. Andrew talks about the corrupt history of Tacoma, rumors on how railroad officials took over Tacoma early on due to a crooked mayor and where the name ‘Opera Alley’ came from.

37:07 – Andrew talks about the Tacoma Undergrounds use for smuggling and the original purpose of it being for utility use. He talks about the rumors around items being smuggled from the port where Stadium High School is and Stadium Bowl Gulch where homeless women and children often lived in the early 1900’s. He then turns to discussing Tacoma Ghost tours, the length of each tour, and tours being open to all ages except for Downtown Part 2 that starts at Wingman Brewers.

The show comes to an end with info on where people can find Tacoma Ghost Tours online and future plans for him to join the guys again sometime soon. Justin does a ‘GCFU’, catching up with Ken Carlson, director of Penny Palabras and the upcoming showing at the Blue Mouse Theatre on May 19th at 10 pm.

Thanks Andrew for joining the guys for an intriguing conversation around the paranormal history of Tacoma!!!

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  • Tacoma Ghost Tours — The first and longest running ghost tour company in Tacoma. Tacoma Ghost Tours has been in operation since October 2012.