Episode 144

Tim Wilson - The Ventures, Stars on Guitars


December 28th, 2020

1 hr 39 mins 40 secs

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This episode is a recent conversation the guys had with Tim Wilson, son of legendary co-founder, Don Wilson, of The Ventures. Tim co-directed the movie The Ventures Stars on Guitars that came out earlier in the year. He talks on how the band got started, how the idea of the movie came to be, and great inside stories on what it’s like to have a dad in a world-famous band. The Ventures, a quartet that plays instrumental rock, was started in 1958 in Tacoma by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle. Their first wide-release single, “Walk, Don’t Run” brought international fame in the 1960’s. Since then they have had 14 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 and with over 100 million records sold, they are the best-selling instrumental band of all time.

02:30 – Brogan talks about reflecting on old episodes, they chat about GCP’s upcoming 3-year marker, and Justin kicks off the interview with Tim. Tim talks about how his dad and friend started the band, the quick success of the band, and chats about the non-stop 60 years of playing the band had under their belt prior to Covid. He discusses coming up with the documentary idea, getting his sister involved with the filming piece, and dives deeper in the evolution of the band.

24:41 – Tim talks about starting a guitar company in 2003, the various bands that were influenced by The Ventures over the years, and how the band learned to create their various sounds. He shares the story of the uptick of Fender Jazzmaster guitar sales after fans had reached out to Fender after they heard their music to find out the type of guitar they used, Jeff talks about the magic behind The Ventures music, and Tim shares how the band got started playing in Japan.

49:15 – Tim explains how they ended up meeting Billy Bob Thornton, other famous people The Ventures played with, and gives props to the producers of the Walk Don’t Run documentary. He talks about how The Ventures started getting air play, the legwork his grandmother put in as the producer and manager of the band, and the great work Pat O’day did for bringing musicians to the PNW. He talks about the upcoming event happening at the Emerald Queen Casino Ballroom August 22nd 2021, the work behind getting the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and his conversation with Quentin Tarantino.

60:13 – The guys reflect on the conversation with Tim, their plans to have him on the show again soon, and each chat on how their Christmas was. Jeff talks about the new gaming chairs he got for Christmas, Justinn shares what he and his wife had for Christmas Dinner, and Jeff talks about what he ordered from The Black Bear Diner for his. Justin gives a shout out to the Four Horsemen Brewery, Urban Business Support, and they close out the show discussing New Year’s Resolutions.

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