Episode 153

SPUN 2021


February 22nd, 2021

1 hr 53 mins 45 secs

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April Sanders and Jennifer English, owners of SPUN Clay Arts Studio and Gallery in Tacoma sit down with the guys, virtually, for another great conversation. They joined GCP pre GCP re-boot, so for those wanting to hear that episode, check out our Patreon! SPUN was created in a garage over cocktails, a pottery wheel, and a notepad. It’s grown to being a place where people can get encouragement in an environment where they feel comfortable, surrounded by music and local artists in ripped jeans, band t-shirts and beer. Covid-19 has thrown a curve ball in how they do business, but they are still offering services for drop-off and pick-up and are excited to be extending studio hours from 10 – 4 starting March 6th. They plan to follow that up with a phase in of private lessons and eventually the same class settings they were offering before. Make sure to watch their social media for updates!

00:14 – Show kicks off with reflection on the last time April and Jen joined the show, Jen shares the type of classes SPUN offers, and how the business got started. April shares how they went through the Spaceworks program when starting up SPUN, what they’ve been doing to keep the business going during Covid, and Justin talks about his trip to Enumclaw. Scott shares the drink he’s enjoying, April talks about what people can make there, and the different things people have made in the shop.

27:55 - April talks about SPUN teaming up with the Neighborhood Plant Project, the things they’ve been most thankful for lately, and Jen reflects on interns they’ve had over the years. Jen talks about when April broke her leg, Scott shares the story about when he broke his knee during GCP’s Boot to Boot, and him and April talk about how much they now appreciate showers. They give their thoughts on the return on the 90’s, Jennifer talks about growing up in Auburn, and gives her opinion on The Incredible Universe.

60:53 – Justin talks about his camping trip over the past summer, they talk about floating in the tank, and Justin talks about people recently doing home flipping in his neighborhood. They talk about the rising housing cost in the PNW, Justin expresses how much he’s looking forward to when he can have people over to his house again, and Scott shares how relaxing it is for him to watch pottery videos on YouTube.

95:19 – Jen talks about the importance of doing a check up on your friends, Justin shares where people can find SPUN Tacoma online, and Jen talks about her and Aprils trip to Las Vegas in the 90’s where they stayed at Circus Circus. Scott talks about his experience in a Nevada brothel, they talk about the drink that makes them each sick, and close out this episode talking about times they get black out drunk.

Thanks April and Jen for joining the guys for a great conversation and update on how SPUN is doing.

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